If you or anyone you know has been impacted by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma, you may find the following ideas and resources to be useful. Please pass this information along to anyone you know who may benefit!

    1 – Mortgage Forbearance: you may be eligible to temporarily stop making your monthly mortgage payment for up to 12 months.
    Click here for more details on mortgage forbearance if your home loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
    Click here to find out if your loan is owned by Fannie Mae, and click here to find if your loan is owned by Freddie Mac. Even if your home loan isn’t owned by Fannie or Freddie, you may still be eligible for a mortgage forbearance if you contact your servicer (the company to whom you make your payments each month). The phone number for your mortgage servicer should be located on your monthly mortgage statement, or you can click here to look it up on the Mortgage Bankers Association website.

    2 – Tax Relief: you may be eligible to take a loan or hardship distribution from your retirement plan.
    Click here for more details on hardship distributions.  Also, here are two links that outline other forms of tax relief that may be available:
    Click here for Hurricane Harvey tax relief info.
    Click here for Hurricane Irma tax relief info.

    3 – Renovation Loan: you may be eligible to take out a renovation loan for the purpose of rebuilding or renovating your home.

    Contact me for further details.


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