Many clients today have indicated a willingness to refer you business, but very few actually follow through.  Here are three potential solutions that we can explore together:

    1. How to Be More Relevant to Your Clients.  Many financial advisors don’t spend any time on database marketing.  Other advisors blast their clients with generic newsletters.  What if you could be different?  Here’s an idea to consider: personally call just one of your clients per day… every day for the next 100 days.  During the conversation, discover your clients’ current life priorities and give them something of tangible value that meets their current needs… something that may be completely unrelated to your work for them as a financial planner.  For example, if your client is evaluating college or internship options for their children, offer to write a letter of recommendation.  If your client is thinking of moving, offer to introduce him/her to a top real estate agent in the area.  Become relevant to your clients’ current priorities.  In doing so, you’ll uncover referral opportunities you would have otherwise missed.  You can probably get this done in less than 30 minutes per day!
    2. How to Generate More Referrals from Real Estate Agents.  When somebody buys or sells real estate, the transaction usually involves lots of money.   Many real estate agents have direct access to the types of clients I want to work with.  That’s one reason why I’ve made it a point to work with them.  Real estate agents can also make a great partner for you.  What if you could offer a free financial consultation to a real estate agent’s clients as part of his/her after-closing process?  If we only work with one real estate agent, who has 100 clients, and just 10% of these clients agree to a consultation with you, we could literally generate an extra 10 referrals for you by implementing this one strategy!  Let me know if you’d like to get started and I can facilitate an introduction.
    3. How to Generate More Referrals from Mortgage Loan Originators.  As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, I take a more comprehensive approach when working with clients.  I conduct an after-closing survey with all my clients to discover more ways of creating value for them.  I ask if they currently have a financial planner, and if they’d like for me to make an introduction for them.  Not sure if your current lender has integrated you in the mortgage process like this already.  If not, let me know because I’d be interested in exploring how we could work together in this regard.

    Contact me so that we can further explore any/all of these ideas together!

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